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Introducing the MapGraphiX IndeX

Innovative Truckload Indexing Feature Announcement

The MapGraphiX IndeX is a unique same day indicator of the overall network balance performance of Truckload Carriers, originating from the daily market balances within the Truckload Carriers’ operations.

The MapGraphiX IndeX is derived from the MapGraphiX network balance maps (US Patent 10896397 Load Data Collection and Display Method) of actual MapGraphiX clients where their highly customized network balances are calculated and communicated on their behalf. These network balances are the over-booked or under-booked balance of outbound loads to inbound trucks, for each market, for each day. They are standardized by geographical markets, classified by the degree of severity of the markets’ imbalances, categorized by carrier attributes and market density, and anonymized.

Carriers that participate in the MapGraphiX IndeX can view crucial market trend information on their maps that compares their actual network balances to the MapGraphiX IndeX. These trends and comparisons can be made by the overall IndeX, individual market geography, carrier attribute groupings, and market density categorizations. This unprecedented view of current market conditions enables the MapGraphiX carriers to make better daily tactical operational decisions, give better strategic network direction, and ultimately Balance Better.

"It's a long awaited feature for both our clients, and potential carrier's on the edge of implementing network capacity planning tools. We're excited to get this into the truckload space so carriers can have a much needed insight into how they stack up compared to the same day market conditions other carriers are facing." - Robert VanEaton, President & CEO

The MapGraphiX IndeX does not use carrier rate or financial data of any kind. The MapGraphiX IndeX is not shipping customer specific. The MapGraphiX IndeX does not present any data of individual trucks, individual loads, truck counts, load counts, or balance counts, but only the degree of the severity of the markets’ daily imbalances.

This unique network balance picture gives same day insight into current market conditions and overall market demand trends facing Truckload Carriers.


MapGraphiX, based in Shreveport, Louisiana, a truckload software company, provides real-time capacity balance mapping and network strategy solutions for trucking companies. The cloud based system is in an easy to navigate and understand format, by using maps, exception management, and up-to-date user interface tools to effectively communicate and help solve our carriers' network balance, out of route, and service issues.

Visit for more information on their services for truckload carriers

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