Complex data, made simple.

Do the key people in your organization have real-time visibility to your network balance? Do they have updated information within moments of any changes to your network balance? Does your organization have access to this information without being dependent on the time of your front-line operations managers?

MapGraphiX is the solution. Access MapGraphiX from any device with a compatible web browser. Critical real-time balance information on a map is now at the fingertips of your executive staff, your sales staff, and your operations managers.

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map it

A picture is worth a thousand loads. See your balance, calculated and color coded on a map for a stunning, real-time visual display of your network.


Break the Crystal Ball

Use real data to make future booking decisions. We combine actual bookings with projections, based on your historical balances and commitments, to estimate future balances days in advance.



Maps are generated based on your unique and custom territories. We calculate your balance by those territories based on how you want to count trucks and loads.



Each user within your organization can define, view, and filter your data in multiple ways. The result is easy-to-understand balance information at a glance.


To Book or Not To Book

Quickly answer this question and increase your customer satisfaction. Communicate your network needs throughout your organization in real-time.



We use the same encryption and security platform as the major accounting firms (SSAE-16 certified data center). You control who sees your data.

Our Services

Real-time Network Balance Information

Real-time network balance information on a map delivered to your organization on any compatible web-enabled device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads, iPhones, Surfaces, and more.

Experience You Can
Count On

Our method and network balance calculations are based on decades of experience in the transportation industry. Projected future balances enable informed load booking decisions well beyond a 24 hour horizon.

Tools To Manage

Tools that allow you to see the last known location of your drivers, to schedule delivery appointments that can reduce excess in-transit buffer time, and to identify potentially bad data in your system.

Our Clients

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"Network capacity and balance is a critical element of a carrier’s daily and weekly operating environment… A well-balanced network allows the carrier to minimize empty miles, maximize utilization, and avoid capacity-related service issues."

Leo Lazarus, Truckload Transportation: Economics, Pricing & Analysis

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