We're Committed
To Your Success.

Our philosophy is, give honor where it is due. We benefit from the sacrifice of others that is not of our own doing. We are committed to showing our appreciation in tangible ways.

Your success is our success. We know that carriers have wasted money by purchasing software that is hyped at the start-up, but fizzles out as it goes unused by those it was intended to benefit. We pledge to give the support and training for a successful launch and integration into your daily routine. 

Our Process

Let us help your organization see the benefits of using the tools that we have to offer. Our process is easy-going to ensure that implementation is a smooth transition for every team member involved.


We will provide an analysis to show how the real cost of the investment and the measurable savings will make the purchase a success for your organization.


We will construct a plan that involves key players in your company to chart a successful launch and integration.



We will work the plan to implement the software and deploy the information throughout your organization.


We will train key employees and provide support of the software to ensure the ongoing success of the integration. You will receive automated measurements on the software usage and key performance indicators so you can see how effective MapGraphiX is within your organization.

Our Patent

Follow the link below to view our patent.

Meet Our Team

With decades of experience in trucking operations, the MapGraphiX team is more than just a trucking technology company. We understand the operations of trucking. We understand that your frontline operations team needs information quickly to make better, faster decisions. We understand that your operations team doesn’t need to be interrupted constantly to feed balance information to your organization. We understand that your salespeople need access to real-time balance data to help your daily load booking process when you are out of balance. We understand that your management and executive staffs need balance data to know on what areas to focus your marketing efforts and to get the pulse of your operations.


Robert VanEaton

President & CEO

Our founder, Robert VanEaton, has been responsible for network operations at large, medium, and small sized carriers, and understands the different needs of each. He started his career in trucking 33 years ago with M.S. Carriers as a dispatcher/customer service manager, and worked through various departments of operations, marketing, billing, and pricing. He then took an executive position with Swift Transportation, having responsibilities in different roles over business analysis, finance, network operations, and pricing. Before starting MapGraphiX, Robert served as a Senior Vice President with responsibilities that included pricing, billing, collections, planning operations, financial analysis, financial planning, and market strategy. He brings hands-on operations knowledge, vast transportation market knowledge, and transportation executive leadership experience to transportation technology.

Chad D. Morgan

Director of Technology

Our director of technology, Chad D. Morgan, has 22 years of experience developing software, with the majority of that time being spent in the transportation industry. His credentials include Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, Microsoft Certified Application Developer, and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. During a tenure with Microsoft he became familiar with the majority of their development tools and platforms. He is also a Marine Corps information systems veteran with dozens of highly successful web application projects in the private sector. He brings his knowledge of application design and development, server and database management, and military leadership experience to transportation technology.

Colin Moran


Our developer, Colin Moran, has worked on a multitude of projects over the last 9 years which include full stack mobile, full stack development, and web applications design. His experience in application development spans with his knowledge of programming through Java, Python, JavaScript, and others. With a formal education in object-oriented programming concepts from Louisiana State University of Shreveport, he is able to take ownership of projects while developing efficient solutions to complicated problems. He brings his knowledge of application development and design to transportation technology.

Dylan VanEaton

Marketing Manager

Our marketing manager, Dylan VanEaton, is an experienced marketer with a demonstrated history of working in advertising over the last 10 years. His credentials include Google Certified Ad Search & Display, Google Certified Analytics, while being proficient in Adobe products. His skill set includes graphic design, web design, market analysis and ad development with a Bachelor of Science focused in Business Management, Marketing, and Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech University. He brings his knowledge of ad development, web design, and creative design to transportation technology.


"Network capacity and balance is a critical element of a carrier’s daily and weekly operating environment… A well-balanced network allows the carrier to minimize empty miles, maximize utilization, and avoid capacity-related service issues."

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