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MapGraphiX is intuitive and easy to use with very little training needed to use the system. It is similar to getting a new cell phone in terms of how easy it is to learn. In terms of system wide usage, pretty much everyone who touches the Market/Operations in our organization uses the MapGraphiX system. I highly recommend MapGraphiX Balance Maps. It is a great visual tool that will help everyone in Operations have a real good idea of what the freight needs are (or aren’t)."
Knight Transportation
Brady Beck
Business Analyst-Operations
Incredibly easy to use and navigate through the screens. Without any training the balance and service maps are self-explanatory that anyone can operate. The visual representation along with the overlay of Google maps makes this a great tool for all facets of operations. The increased visibility to trucks & loads for every market leads to improvements in multiple areas. We have increased confidence in what customers or loads to solicit and the ability to make sure every driver has a load before leaving for the day. We have reduced layovers significantly since we started using MapGraphix. I would highly recommend MapGraphix to any carrier based on the accuracy of the data and simple user interface."
U.S. Xpress, Inc.
Lee Thigpen
Vice President of Customer Service

"Network capacity and balance is a critical element of a carrier’s daily and weekly operating environment… A well-balanced network allows the carrier to minimize empty miles, maximize utilization, and avoid capacity-related service issues."

Leo Lazarus, Truckload Transportation: Economics, Pricing & Analysis

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